Kamyar Nazeri

Graduate Research Assistant

Ontario Tech University

I am a MSc. student under the supervision of Mehran Ebrahimi and a member of Imaging Lab in the Modeling and Computational Science graduate program at Ontario Tech. I have a solid background and work experience in computer science and I've been writing programs for the past 20 years. My research interests mainly lie in the areas of computer vision, image processing, deep learning, and generative models. In particular, I have been working on structured deep learning for image enhancement, image inpainting, super-resolution, and image registration.


  • Computer Vision
  • Image Processing
  • Deep Learning
  • Generative Models


  • MSc. in Modeling and Computational Science, 2019

    University of Ontario Institute of Technology

  • BSc. in Electrical Engineering

    Isfahan University of Technology

Recent Publications

A "lines first, color next" image inpainting model inspired by artists work.
                                      title={EdgeConnect: Generative Image Inpainting with Adversarial Edge Learning},
                                      author={Nazeri, Kamyar and Ng, Eric and Joseph, Tony and Qureshi, Faisal and Ebrahimi, Mehran},
                                      journal={arXiv preprint},

Line art frames video colorization for anime production.
                                      title={Automatic Temporally Coherent Video Colorization},
                                      author={Thasarathan, Harrish and Nazeri, Kamyar and Ebrahimi, Mehran},
                                      journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.09527},

Springers Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 10945, pp. 85-94, Proceedings of tenth international conference on Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects (AMDO), Palma, Mallorca, Spain.
                                          title={Image Colorization Using Generative Adversarial Networks},
                                          author={Nazeri, Kamyar and Ng, Eric and Ebrahimi, Mehran},
                                          booktitle={International Conference on Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects},

ICIAR 2018 Grand Challenge on BreAst Cancer Histology images (BACH). Springers Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 10945, pp. 717-726. Proceedings of International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition (ICIAR), PĆ³voa de Varzim, Portugal.
                                          title={Two-Stage Convolutional Neural Network for Breast Cancer Histology Image Classification},
                                          author={Nazeri, Kamyar and Aminpour, Azad and Ebrahimi, Mehran},
                                          booktitle={International Conference Image Analysis and Recognition},

Effect of social media on the process of opinion formation in a human population modeled as an external field in the dynamics of the two-dimensional Sznajd model.
                                          title={Effect of Social Media on Opinion Formation},
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